Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Chasing the Sunrise + Recent Eats – fANNEtastic food | Registered Dietitian Blog

mt vernon trail running at sunrise

Morning guys! I was out and about early today, saying good morning to the sun via the trails!

mt vernon trail running at sunrise

After last week’s great weekday run and cold weather in the forecast, my friend Sokphal and I decided another run date was in order. This view never gets old.

We tried to run over Memorial Bridge to the monuments, but apparently the right side of the bridge (when coming from VA) is closed to pedestrians now during construction. Boo! We snagged a quick look at the sunset from the bridge before turning back and heading down along the Mt. Vernon Trail towards Alexandria instead.

I was hoping the nice cold weather would have me feeling as awesome as I did on our run date last week, but I’ve been up really early all week and I’m fighting off the end of a cold, so I was feeling a bit low energy this a.m. Oh well! It was still nice to get out there, enjoy the sunrise, and see my buddy. And I was up that early anyway as usual to feed Riese!



3.7 miles sounded just about right.

I made some pumpkin muffins (here’s my favorite pumpkin muffin recipe) earlier this week so I brought one in the car to tide me over on the drive home before I could tuck into some avocado toast with fried eggs. 🙂 Pre-run I had some toast with almond butter and honey!

pumpkin muffins healthy easy recipe

Yum – having a pumpkin baked good around makes it really feel like fall!

They pair well with cheesy scrambled eggs, too – I had this for breakfast yesterday!

As for other recent meals, Riese tried sardines for the first time yesterday at lunch! I gave her some right out of the can and she was actually really into them. I had mine mashed with some yogurt and dijon mustard in sandwich form. Tasty and easy!

baby led weaning sardines

Dinner last night was an easy throw together grain salad bowl (

quinoa chickpea salad

Have a great day guys! It’s a beautiful one here – loving these cold, sunny days! Riese and I spent most of the day outside yesterday and we both loved it.

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