Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Easy Breakfast Ideas – fANNEtastic food | Registered Dietitian Blog

cottage cheese berry almond butter wrap

Good morning! I’ve been trying to mix up/vary my morning breakfasts lately – giving Riese some of what I eat and wanting to give her a variety of food has made me realize how often I eat the same things! Microwave banana oatmeal, protein pancake, avocado toast with fried eggs, rinse and repeat. (For more details on our progress so far with feeding Riese solids, check out this post: our experience with baby led weaning.) I know this breakfast isn’t THAT different, but it felt a little different at least! I had a sprouted grain wrap with cottage cheese, almond butter, and berries, which I rolled up after this photo. The chew from the tortilla was yummy and it was nice to mix it up from toast – I’ll have to do this more often! (Riese got some cottage cheese and a finger-sized piece of the tortilla with some almond butter on it to gnaw on.)

cottage cheese berry almond butter wrap

Second breakfast, mid-morning while in the middle of work, was a hard boiled egg, cheese, cherries, and an oatmeal banana coconut cookie with almond butter on it.

As for lunch yesterday, I had an easy salad: greens + cherry tomatoes + feta + quinoa + smoked salmon with a dijon lemon juice vinaigrette (olive oil + lemon juice + dijon mustard + apple cider vinegar). I really love packaged cooked smoked salmon like this – makes for such an easy protein option that doesn’t require using the stove.

I will leave you guys with a picture from this morning – I was in Georgetown early in the morning with the girls for our weekly workout class date, and I didn’t get a photo of the workout but I did snag one of the pretty canal on the walk back to the car. This is one of my favorite areas of DC – so quaint! I always thought it would be fun to live right on the canal in one of these cute colorful rowhouses.



georgetown canal waterfront

Have a nice day guys!

Any easy breakfast ideas for me as I continue to try to mix it up? 🙂 What’s your standard go to?

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