Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

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Hi guys! I kicked off my Thursday with a early morning run date – nice way to start the day!

My buddy Chelsea and I decided the weather was finally cool enough for a weekday run date – hizzah! My first postpartum race (the Marine Corps 10k) is coming up in a month… eek! I’ve been running once a week consistently (usually 3 or 4 miles), but it’s time to add a weekday run back into the mix so I feel more comfortable come race day! I’m not trying to RACE the race, just enjoy it/be ready for the distance by that point. 🙂

We did a simple out and back 3 miler with two stops – one for a mini-boot camp in a parking lot, and one for a water fountain!

Running still feels HARD, you guys, but I’m sure if I start being more consistent again/running more often it will get easier. Being distracted by talking definitely helped – as did the lower temps! Thanks for getting me out there, girl!



Sidenote – if you’re looking for a new sports bra, I’m still really loving the Brooks UpLift Crossback – Brooks just gifted me a new one in an updated fall color and I wore it on this morning’s run. SO comfortable and supportive, I love that the cups are built in so nothing falls out or gets misshaped in the wash, and the hook in the back is nice so it’s really easy to take off (and put on). Highly recommend! (FYI: the UpLift is the C/D cup version – thanks, breastfeeding – the UpRise is the variation I normally wear for A/B cups (unfortunately no hook in the back on that one though), and there’s also the UpHold for DD/E cups.)

brooks uplift crossback sports bra review

As for other fitness this week – I hit up a yoga class on Tuesday morning with my friend Kathleen. I’m still LOVING yoga and going consistently 2 to 3 times per week now (in the early mornings), which has felt really good both physically and mentally!

On the food front, earlier this week we had a simple beef and bok choy stir fry with brown rice. (Another sidenote: I bought Matt this pan for his birthday back in July and it’s THE BEST PAN EVER – insanely nonstick and a durable high heat material that doesn’t leach anything scary. Just wanted to share if you are in the market for a new nonstick pan! It’s nice and lightweight too.)

Despite the less than awesome yellow lighting because it was dark outside photo, it was yummy. 🙂 If you want some stir fry ideas, check out my mix & match stir fry recipes post!

I ate a lot of my usual staple meals this week (grain salad bowls, avocado toast, flour free breakfast pancake, etc.) so I don’t have a ton of other food photos, but I did have two fun meals out! First was a lunch date with Matt on Monday – we had to do an errand together in the city and were right by Kramerbooks in Dupont, so we treated ourselves to lunch there. I hadn’t been in awhile – so good! I had the crab cake (that’s an avocado and chickpea combo underneath it – yum) plus a side of fries.

kramerbooks lunch dupont

And second was a lunch date with fellow dietitian Danielle. We’ve been trying to meet up for months – so glad we finally made it work to catch up! Always nice to chat with fellow RDs. We hit up Rustico for lunch – I had the turkey burger with a side salad.

rustico ballston lunch

Time to get to the rest of my to do list and get organized to hop out for a meeting in a few! Tomorrow is my birthday, so there won’t be a new blog post – Matt is taking the day off and we are going to have a fun family adventure day with Riese! I’m thinking a hike will be involved… looks like weather should be good which will be a nice treat!

Have a great day and weekend, and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday!

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