Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Fall Weekend – fANNEtastic food | Registered Dietitian Blog

Hi guys! We had the most gorgeous fall weather this weekend – such a treat! The highlight of the weekend was a fun hike yesterday with friends. Had to take advantage of the beautiful fall day – the leaves are finally starting to change and it’s so gorgeous out there.

We met up out at Raven’s Rock Trail in Bluemont, VA area. We ended up using our regular carrier (the Boba 4G) in backpack form (thanks to the blog reader who gave me the tip that you can use this carrier as a backpack!) vs. the big hiking backpack and it was really comfortable.

We didn’t make it to the summit (apparently there are gorgeous views – next time!) because we were running out of daylight, but it was still fun to get out there and hike around for a couple hours! The trail was a bit rocky and steep at parts so I made sure to go reeeeally slowly and carefully.

hiking at ravens rock

After the hike we all headed to nearby Dirt Farm Brewing, which was up on a hill and had insane views. We arrived right at sunset – perfect timing!


dirt farm brewing view

Good beer, too! We set up shop inside since it was too cold outside for the babies by this point (our friends had their little one with them too) and just had one quick beer before pushing off to get the little ones home and to bed.

dirt farm brewing

We pooled together the rest of our random trail snacks for a feast while there. 😉 The chips went fast – I always want salty food after a hike! Riese ate some chicken I brought from home + a fruit and veggie pouch, and then we gave her her evening bottle in the car on the way back. And lest you think this all went 100% smoothly, I will share that Riese managed to knock over Matt’s beer while we were there – whoops!

“No paparazzi please” – LOL.

Dinner once we got home and got Riese to bed was a couple tortillas heated in a pan with cheese, leftover rotisserie chicken, black beans, avocado, arugula, and Cholula chili garlic sauce. Yum!

The other big highlight over the weekend was a run date on Sunday morning with my college friends Kathleen and Sarah! It was perrrrrfect running weather and I was really happy for all of you running the NYC Marathon!

We met up at Roosevelt Island before the crowds descended and took off south along the Mt. Vernon Trail.

potomac river run views VA

Hello, fall colors!

I don’t know if it was the company or the weather or the fact that I’m finally feeling more like myself physically or all of those things combined, but this was probably the first run in 2 years that felt super comfortable and easy. It flew by and I felt energetic and like I could have kept going! Haven’t felt like that in a really long time.

5 miles, done! We weren’t ready to say goodbye yet so we walked around Roosevelt Island a bit, continuing to chat and enjoy the weather, before heading home.

And now, I will leave you with a photo of our breakfast on Saturday. Riese was like… WHOA 😉 We had pancakes (and some bacon for me + Matt). We used a standard box mix and added eggs, whole milk, chia seeds, and frozen wild blueberries (turned them purple which was fun). Yummy! We served little pieces to Riese with plain whole milk Greek yogurt and almond butter spread on them to add extra protein and fat, and she loved it.

Who else got out to enjoy the weather this weekend? What did you do?

And for those that ran NYCM – tell me all about it! Looks like it was a fabulous PR day!

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