Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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Hi guys! Matt, Riese, and I are back from our vacay in Florida. We had a great time and are already missing these views!

I’ll be back tomorrow to share a full recap of the vacation (for now, see some preview pics on Instagram). In the meantime, though, here is some recent food + fitness fun from last weekend (before we left), and this weekend (we got back on Saturday).

First up – soup! Putting together my 10 Easy & Healthy Soup + Chili Recipes post inspired me to make a big pot of chili/soup on Friday night last weekend to eat on before we left. I made enough to freeze some for later, too, which is always a win. This was a variation of my Butternut Squash + Turkey Chili recipe. Yum!

Have you tried any of the soup + chili recipes I rounded up last week? I’d love to hear how it went!



Other food highlights lately have been lots of big salads – this one had kale, cabbage, arugula, radishes, roasted butternut squash, and pulled pork. I was trying to use up all the leftovers in the fridge before we left for Florida!

Matt and I ordered sushi for dinner the night we got home from Florida, and I ate the leftovers for lunch the next day along with a big salad.

As for fitness, I didn’t get in a run this past weekend because it was rainy on Sunday (my usual running day) and I wasn’t feeling it and decided to go to yoga instead, but I did get in a run last weekend with my friend Diane before we left! It was really cold out (in the 20s) but refreshing.

I love cold weather running!

It’s pretty nice out this morning and I don’t have any client meetings until the afternoon, so I’m going to take an early lunch break shortly and take Freyja (the dog) for a quick jog before getting back to work. I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great day guys and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for a vacation recap. 🙂

What’s your favorite running temperature? I love 40’s or 50’s and sunny!

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